Logo concept

mai 18, 2013



Logo concept for gaming industry.Done in Zbrush

Descend into despair

mai 3, 2013

Descend into despair is one of the projects that you must not miss. It all started with two guys from Radauti, Romania. They are creating down-tempo music since 2010.

 The heavy sound of Alexandru Cozaciuc combined with Denis Ungurean’s screams/growls created the unique sound that impressed me at least. Recently the guys have a new keyboard player, Korbea, that also does clean vocals.l

To be honest I am really happy that they are doing well and the band is still active.

They had numerous tries with other members but the small town of Radauti is not that generous with underground musicians.

Here are some links to their myspace and facebook, give it a try:




General Info

  • Genre: Death Metal / Down-tempo

    Location Radauti, Ro

    Record Label IndependentType of Label Unsigned

mai 2, 2013

Tree of life interpretation.